Kat’s High School Senior Grad Fort Lauderdale, Florida Photoshoot

Here are a few photos of the photos we shot while in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for Kat’s High School Senior Grad Photo-Shoot.  We shot these at Hollywood Beach by the pier.  What a fun shoot this was.  We started off with Kat playing her guitar which she loves to do down on the beach.  We then got some very cool photos under the pier on #hollywoodbeach .  She then did an outfit change and we shot some of Kat in her blue dress strolling on the beach.  We even created a composite photo of her on the beach with a pirate ship in the background.  Kat also practices Taekwondo so we shot her in her martial arts outfit doing a series of kicks and moves.  She is pretty good with her fan.  She looked like Elektra from Daredevil, very cool.
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2 thoughts on “Kat’s High School Senior Grad Fort Lauderdale, Florida Photoshoot

  1. Very nice work Chris. I am sure it was nice to have the ocean and piers etc as a back ground to work with. That was something different to work with.Hope you had a nice visit and break from our winter. I have been busy building the dressers for Emerson and Morgan. Just about have them finished. Bud wrote his RCMP exam yesterday morning and he passed. Very happy for him. Still a bunch of hoops to get through yet. We will have to get together one of these days when you are not busy. Say hi to Kathy and Rey. Love Dad.

    1. Thanks Dad, yeah it was nice to get away for sure. The kids will love their dressers you are making for them. Awesome Bud passed his exams, I knew he would. We will have to get together for sure. I’m never too busy for family. Say hi to Mom.

      Love Chris

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