Kevin & Danielle’s Clarion Hotel Winnipeg Wedding

Here are a few photos from Kevin & Danielle’s Winnipeg wedding held at the Clarion Hotel.  We were able to get some cool photos on the roof top there.  They  are huge Star Wars fans, I mean who isn’t right (my prefect couple!) and where up for pretty much anything.  They saw a few of my composites I had done for other couples and really wanted a Star Wars one done, so I made them 3.  We had a ton of fun shooting them.  of course right in the middle of setting up the scene, one of Kevin’s groomsmen walk right through it on a very serious hunt for Pokemon.  What ensued after that is epic on how Kevin chased him away.  I am still laughing about it.

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The party was amazing and everyone had a great time.  I got tons of amazing, funny party shots, some I can show, some I can’t, but this is the reason why I NEVER LEAVE EARLY!  There is no way I could have captured those pictures my couples will always look at at laugh, cry, but mostly laugh, if I was gone by 7 pm.  I am always there until at least midnight, but more often than not until the very end of the evening.  It is still part of the wedding, I love to stay and have fun with my couples, and I know they love it too.  Thank you again for such an amazing day and night.  Not only were you both super fun to hang out with and shoot for, but have now become friends of mine.  Man I love my job!!

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