Brian & Natalie’s Winnipeg Engagement Photo Shoot At The Ice Castles

Hi everyone.  Check out a few of Brian & Natalie’s Engagement Photos we shot at the Ice Castles here in Winnipeg.  I shot these with the Nikon D850.  I am one of the very lucky photographers who are a part of the Nikon Society.  Nikon contacted me and asked me if I would be willing to use their brand new flagship camera, that is sold out worldwide, on a photo shoot and report back to them what I thought of it.  The camera is amazing and I will have a short video up of it in the coming days.  The images are always tack sharp, like with any Nikon camera, especially the high end pro camera bodies and lens that I use on every shoot.  I was just really impressed with the Nikon D850.

Brian, Natalie and myself met up at the Ice Castles for their pre Winnipeg Wedding Photography shoot, or otherwise known as their Engagement Shoot at 4 pm.  At first the line wasn’t too bad, but then it got nuts. There had to have been at least 200 people in line by the time 4 pm rolled around.  We found lots of great places to shoot though and get amazing photos for them.  A few times I had to Photo Shop a few people out of the picture, but for the most part, everyone was super respectful and nice about us doing their engagement photos there, typical of the Friendly Manitobians and awesome people we have living here in Winnipeg, so thank you to everyone for that.  We really do live in the greatest country ever and in a fantastic province and city.  I have lived all over Canada and have seen almost every inch of it from the high arctic to the west coast, east coast and everything in between as a pilot, and I have to say I love being Canadian and Winnipeg & Stonewall Manitoba will always be my home.

The Ice Castles offer so many cool and different photos for anyone and everyone, from family photos, engagement photos and wedding photos.  It is only here for such a short time in the winter and I really encourage everyone to go and check them out.  If you want photos done there too, I would be more than happy to shoot them for you, as any of the other photographers we have here would.

Brian and Natalie were so amazing to work with,   they were up for anything and everything.  Natalie was even thinking of asking if they could get on the very top of the Ice Castles for a cool shot, but I don’t think they would have liked that, but I was super impressed she was thinking of it, because I was too.  There was even a cool cave to go into to get some neat photos.  And being the hockey fans they are, they brought their Winnipeg Jets jerseys for a few cool photos.  Talk about being a true north Winnipeg hockey fan.  It was so nice hanging out with such a nice and fun couple.  I can’t wait for their wedding later this year.  Thank you again Brian and Natalie for such a great day and evening.


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