Chris & Deirdre Winnipeg Wedding Photobooth

Check out the crazy Photobooth photos we shot at Chris & Deirdre’s Winnipeg Winter Wedding at the King’s Head Pub. What a great night with good friends. The wedding party was crazy fun. It was so cold out, -48 C with the wind chill, but we still hung around outside like tough, slightly crazy Canadians.

As most of you know, I am huge supporter of our Military, Police, Fire, 1st Responders, Hospital Staff, ect. Chris, the groom, is an officer in our Canadian Armed Forces and like all military personal wore his uniform proudly on his wedding day. Chris and his groomsmen and I have so much in common, we had such a great time and before you knew it, it was already close to 12:30 pm.

Because it was cold out, I didn’t want Chris & Deirdre to wait for a cab outside when they were ready to leave the wedding to go to their hotel, so I drove them there myself. It was nice to just relax and talk about the night and the fun we all had and their honeymoon plans and where they are going. I got back to the wedding just before 1:00, just in time to finish the night with some last minute crazy ass, fun dancing shots of the remainder of their guests, which surprisingly, was quite a few. It was a very good night.

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