Dylan & Nikki Kingswood Engagement Shoot

Check out the photos I shot for Dylan and Nikki for their Engagement Shoot at Kingswood Country Club.

We had the best time together, getting to know each other and just laughing about crazy stuff. They had a pretty cool suped up Golf Cart. You could probably enter that in an F1 Golf Cart Race.

We got some pretty great and fun photos that day and even got to feed the ducks, which is always fun at Kingswood. They are so friendly and funny.

We totally hit it off right away, but I knew we would be the way we would email each other back and forth with ideas and check ins.

I can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year for them. Thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer.

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And for a great round of golf or better yet, an amazing wedding experience check out Kingswood Country Club. They are less than 5 mins off the perimeter and super close to anything in the city, but you could literally have all of your wedding photos done on site and get amazing award winning photos right on site, easy! Plus Christie, Corinne and the staff are some of the best people I have ever met and will go above and beyond to make sure your day is perfect.

Thanks you so much Dylan and Nikki for this awesome review you left me from our shoot together, it means a lot to me, thank you.

Chris is FANTASTIC, we would highly recommend him! We just did our engagements photos with him and can’t wait for our wedding.

-his photos are amazing (super clear, he enhances without over-enhancing)
-he sends you ALL his photos so you can decide which ones you love the most (most photographers decide for you and take out the photos where you’re ‘laughing too hard’ or goofy or don’t look perfectly posed)
-he’s super easy to get along with and makes the experience enjoyable. We knew we’d be pretty awkward people in-front of a camera, but his stories and personality made it feel easy
-he has ideas but he doesn’t push ‘staged’ photos onto you and welcomes your ideas
-he doesn’t worry about a time-limit; he’s chill and down to hang out if you are!
-he was super quick in getting photos back to us – in less than 2 weeks we had our engagement photos back
-his pricing is super reasonable and the quality is absolutely worth it!

-he’s a high-demand good photographer – book early!!

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