Romantic Country Evening

Adam & Jessica’s Country Engagement Photoshoot

What a fun shoot this was. I am from the country but live in the city, so it is always great to get back to the country again for any reason. We shot these all at Jessica’s Mom and Dad’s place north of Teulon, Manitoba.

There was so many amazing places and things to shoot around. Like old farm equipment, bales of hay, the tree line, tall grass, cute little cats, etc

We goofed around for the entire shoot and was able to capture who they are in their photos. I do this for every shoot. I want who my subjects are, personality wise and interest wise to show in their photos.

Even the coyotes thought we were funny. You could hear them chirping in the distance. I was hoping some would come out into the open so we can get some photos of them, but nope.

After the shoot, we hung out with Jessica’s parents and her brother. We had a few drinks together, got to know each other, talked about cars, which I love, and a bit of my flying career and the places I got to see.

They had a ton of little kittens that kept climbing up my leg. I could have brought the whole lot of them home, but my wife would have sent me right back with them. Man were they ever cute. But if she would let me have a chicken or a desk weasel, there was no way I could have 8 kittens.

Thank you so much for the awesome day and evening. It was great getting to know you all, and thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer.

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