Winnipeg Wedding Vendor Q & A-Platinum Productions

Today Chris Jensen Studios speaks with one of the very best DJ & Lighting Companies in Winnipeg, Platinum Productions.

Started in 1991 by Leo & Kelly McLauchlan, Platinum Productions now has a staff of over 25 professional & experienced DJ’s. It is our full time profession; our livelihood depends on maintaining our outstanding reputation & exceeding our customers’ expectations. Stop by our 4000 square foot show room so you can see the professional difference.

Platinum Productions specializes in socials & weddings. We deliver a fun, honest and reliable service, so you can count on every detail to be taken care of. We offer free office consultations that allow you to sit down with a skilled & experienced staff member to discuss your music options. Together we have the opportunity to make your event a success, and we go above and beyond industry standards to make this happen.

We hope that you will find our website useful in the planning of your event. There are many tools to assist you with the music selection and itinerary preparation. Our service is not limited to the day of your event, but for several months leading up to it. We are always available for you, simply call or email us with questions or schedule an appointment.

Platinum Productions would love to be part of your special event.

-What made you want to go into this line of work? – 

Leo got his love of music from a toddler listening to all his grandpas records and his mom loved music. As a young teenager, he hung around his older brother who was a dj/radio host.  He started playing music for all the events in his small town and when he moved to Winnipeg,  the passion stayed with him. He met Kelly and they started their relationship based on mutual love of music, dancing and the desire to be entrepreneurs. That was back in 1991 and they have been a great team ever since.

-What exactly do you do and what can you offer to clients that separates you from the completion? –

Our main business is DJ services for wedding socials and wedding receptions. We also specialize in taking care of smaller lighting set ups for all events.  What sets us apart is our understanding on every couples specific wants, our honesty on what we can fulfill on couples expectations, our tight knit team of professional dj’s that share our love of music and making guests happy.

-How do clients usually find you?-

Word of mouth, our relationship with other professional vendors in the industry and our long standing name in the dj instustry

-What do you find the greatest challenge is in the industry today?-   

Everyone thinks they are a DJ.  Specific music lists made up in advance that hand tie a dj in preforming to the best of his ability.

-Are you offering anything to your clients to help with their wedding during Covid?-  

We have been transferring dates with no penalty to any available future date.

-Where do you see 2021 and 2022 going in the way of trends and traditions?  And what has changed since you started in the industry?-

Hard to answer this one as we have lost over a year of trends already.  Technology is the biggest change in our industry- every couple years, the technology changes. As well,  the human element changes as well. It is much different to play to a crowd of 20 yrs old compared to a crowd of 50 yr olds. So that is a constant change for the dj.

-Typically how far in advance should couples be booking your services?-   


-Is there anything else you may want to add?-   

There is so much I can say Chris. I don’t know where to even start. I just want to have a business to go back to once this pandemic gets under control. We love what we do and we love our couples and clients. We love making people happy. It is what we do best. Stay safe and here’s to an amazing 2021.

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