Lindt Chocolate Store Shoot May 2012

Here are a few pictures I shot of the new Lindt Chocolate store in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is one of 11 stores worldwide, so we are pretty lucky to get one of these in our city. It was so much fun working with the amazing staff. It was a great shoot!! There is so many cool ideas at this store for corporate presents as well as wedding gifts or gifts for the guests at the tables. Talk to the staff and they will be able to help you out with anything you need.

Kevin & Gillian’s Wedding April 13th, 2012

Here are some of the photos I shot from Kevin & Gillian’s wedding on April 13th, 2012. They are such a great couple and I had so much fun working with them. Gillian wanted to be a princess growing up, so I helped make that a reality in some of her photos. Check out my other Blog of their wedding for a comic book version I did for them as Kevin loves comics. Who doesn’t though right?

Comic Book Winnipeg C4 Wedding Pictures

I recently shot a wedding this month for an amazing couple. I had a great time shooting it and decided, as the groom was a huge comic book fan, to do a few of their pictures like a comic book and document the story of their day that way. I also as an added, as a bonus to the groom, a Batman USB stick which I bought for him as a wedding gift. And uploaded all of his comic book pictures onto it. Thank you again Kevin & Gillian for the wonderful time. The actual photos of the wedding will be up shortly. Stay Tuned True Believers!! Excelsior!!!

Maternity Shoot April 10th, 2012

What an amazing couple these 2 make.  We had such a great time shooting these photos.  They were so laid back and easy going.  You couldn’t ask for a better couple to work with, who now have become friends.  I can’t wait to see them again at their friends wedding I am shooting this fall.  I honestly feel so lucky being able to do this job because I get to meet good people like this.  Thanks for the great day!!!!