Fluffy & Her Puppies

My mother an father in law really wanted another little dog in their lives, so all of us “kids” went to work to find them the perfect dog for them. One day my bother in law finds an ad at work mentioning that a person at his work, his dog is having puppies and they will be for sale.

My brother in law gave me the number because I was from the seller’s home town of Stonewall and knew the family (small world). The owner of the dogs said they are all spoken for but he was on the fence with one person, but because he knew me and my family, the dog was ours if we wanted him. He was the only one of the litter to have brown fur on him, and for sure the cutest. I drove out there to meet with him and take a look at the dog for my in laws.

He was perfect for them. He was such a friendly little guy and loved to be picked up and cuddled. They named him Zoey, which is Greek for Life, and they are a Greek family.

I shot these photos the day my wife, son and nephew picked up Zoey to bring home. We did a family shoot with Fluffy and her puppies.

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